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They’re a great way to explain a specific topic to your viewers. The advantage of an e-learning video is that it’s illustrative, easy to remember, and uses humour to make a connection with the viewer.

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Patrik Driečny | Video specialist

What are the benefits of an educational video?

Lecture? No, an experience!

The biggest problem with most educational materials is that they don’t use the image as a powerful medium. An educational video conveys a message wrapped in sympathetic visuals, humour and, not infrequently, an engaging story, so that one is left with a feeling, not just information, after watching it.

Complex topics simply

Effective education is built on simplicity. Complex systems, structures and processes can be packaged into simple examples in e-learning videos thanks to thorough preparation. People don’t yawn during our videos (unless the client orders an educational video on sleep).

Unlimited possibilities

Thanks to modern animation technologies, we can present the past or the future in an educational video, look to the other side of the solar system and into the microworld of integrated circuits. Unlike live actors, animation can portray any subject in a way that is understandable to everyone.

Reach out and recruit employees

The possibilities of educational videos don’t just stop at education. You can use this type of video just as well as a recruiting video to introduce your company to potential future employees, explain the job description and employee requirements, and reveal something of your company culture.

Price of educational video

Our mission is to create something that helps you.
That’s why we price each project individually.

How does it work?
Schedule a free consultation with us. During it, we’ll find out exactly what you need, prepare a quote(s), and you choose what works for you. We will then start production. Simple as Soviet satellites.

How long does it take?
From initial brief to final animated video, we take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to produce.

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How is the production process?


Creating a concept

We'll start by putting together a concept based on a joint consultation. Then we'll put together an idea map for the animated video, a script and text for the voice actor. Finally, we'll define the most suitable video style for your project or product.


Storyboard design

Depending on the type and style of the video, we will prepare a sketch design of the individual scenes of the video (the so-called storyboard). We will adapt the colour scheme and graphic elements to your company's corporate identity.


Recording voice tracks

For the animated videos, we record the voice tracks with professional actors in a studio.


Animation and sound

Now for the fun part! We'll start animating and adding dynamics to graphically designed static scenes. We'll add sound effects and licensed music to the animations.

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