Video production tailored to your brand

We can help you present your product or brand in a visually appealing way that leads to conversions. We create videos in a comprehensive way - from the initial idea, through the creation of the script, graphics and dubbing, to the final editing for various media channels.

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2D Animated video⁢

When you need to grab attention quickly, reach for animations. Fun and detailed animated commercials put your advertising message front and centre. From a flat design to a modern outline to a hand-drawn motif; we’ll consider and utilize the style that is most appealing to your target audience when creating your animated advertising video.

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Advertising video⁢

Advertising video is our royal discipline. We help you encourage customers to interact and buy with videos that convey your message in the languages of your target audience. Whether you need an attractive advertising spot for social networks, eye-catching “bumper ads” for advertising systems or a specific format for your business, we have a recipe for success.⁢

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Product video⁢

Do you have a great product, but hardly anyone knows about it? In that case, you need a product video to introduce your product to the world. Put it on the web, use it in online ads or on YouTube – wherever it appears, it will find an audience. Tell us what makes the product special and you can leave everything else to us, from the creation of the idea to the final processing of the video.

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Educational video

Are you considering an informational video for employees to take them through the basics of workplace safety? Do you want to spread awareness about new methods of prevention or treatment of a specific disease? If you need an instructional video to explain a specific issue in a simple and illustrative way, you’ve come to the right place.

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Advertising spot

An advertising spot is the heavyweight of any marketing strategy. Its ability to convey a message through live actors and authentic emotion is almost unbeatable. We will prepare such a commercial spot for you from script development to shooting to post-production.

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2D animation or animated logo

Get moving! It will help your business. We will create 2D animations that will make your visuals move and make you more visible. An animated logo will add a touch of modernity to your brand.

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Patrik Driečny | Video specialist

Samples from the portfolio⁢

Promo videos, explainer videos and advertising spots to help your business grow.
In the digital age, video is the face of your brand and product. What should yours look like?

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Videos for social media

We will design and create engaging creative video campaigns for your social media to reach your target audience, tell your brand story or showcase your product.

  • setting goals and choosing the right campaign strategy
  • creative concept development (contests, polls, whatever)
  • selection and preparation of suitable formats for various networks and ads
  • developing brand storytelling through videos
  • link to the overall brand communication strategy

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Videos that help you grow

Videos for social media

Stand out

We create professional videos that can get attention where it's busy - on social media.

Corporate video production

Elegance and style

Use videos in the online space and make your company a real celebrity in the digital world.

Event and conference videos

Capture important moments

We will take care of the video production during the events and make the videos worth watching.

Branding videos

Bring your brand to life

We help you connect with your target audience. You decide how people will know you.

Explainer videos

Don't explain. Leave it to the video

We will prepare a video that explains the benefits of the product, how to use it or the story of its creation so that you will long for it too.

E-learning videos

Educate in an engaging and fun way

Education can be fun - if you use video. With our e-learning videos, learning becomes fun and easy to understand.

Video marketing

Take over the online space

Improve the performance of your advertising campaigns with videos created specifically for your target audience.

Online video ad

Reach out to the oneline world

In the online space, everyone is just a click away. Use online video to get your product in front of them.

Corporate video presentations

Present an exceptional company in an exceptional way

Use the right associations and present your company in a unique way.

Animated logo

First impression matters

Good advertising is based on experiences that stick in the memory. It's a good idea to have an animation ready to make a great first impression.

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