Animace | 25. February 2020

Animation – marketing weapon of today


Who doesn’t know animated films like Shrek or Finding Nemo? Many years ago, animations were a privilege, today, it is a standard that is widely used in the media, as an art technique, but also as a marketing format that is constantly on the rise. Why? It is easy. People perceive the vast majority of information by sight and hearing, from where the information goes directly into the brain. This is the easiest way to attract the customer and store the information in his brain. But it’s not that simple. Although videos generally have a great advantage, one must know how to handle them. If a professional, who is able to create attractive and communicating videos, is working on one such, then you have almost won. Animations have the advantage that they don’t limit the creativity and can conjure up almost anything before your eyes. Such a video can keep your attention, explain the problem in a few seconds, and store the information so you won’t forget it. 

Aside from the obvious advantages that make animations a heavy-caliber weapon, we must not forget the less visible ones. For example, effect on the SEO of a website. Videos generally increase ratings and make the website more visible, they also increase traffic and smart videos have a high click-through rate (CTR). Adding less competition and many cross-channel uses, we have one of the most effective online marketing tools. Of course, the cost of such a video may vary, ultimately, with the right targeting, it’s usually one of the most successful tools. Animations can be used on social media, as an advertising format in applications, as a TV spot or Youtube advertisement. Let’s now look at the different types of animations, in which cases they can be used and what are their advantages. 

Explainer video

The term explainer video means a short video which explains how a certain thing works. It’s a marketing way to attract potential customers to a product or more often to a service that isn’t easy to describe at first glance. You will attract much more attention thanks to explainer videos. Complexity scares off people and explainer videos are the opposite of complexity. The videos are usually made simple and with a clear demonstration. There is often a short story that ends with successful use of a service or product. Explainer videos are very popular due to their high engagement rate. The right text accompaniment with an image full of symbols, graphs and clear demonstrations will make up for lengthy text descriptions that often bore the customers and quickly scare them off. 


Promo video

Promo videos are probably the most common way to use animations. This is a classic introduction of your business in the form of a short video that briefly explains what you are doing and lists your key benefits and USP. And there are a lot of ways to introduce your company. For example, you can use a graphical demonstration of the benefits (great for using infographics) or attract a potential customer through emotional video.  Another way is the use of case studies, where the company embarks on a larger project that positively affects the perception of the company or its product. We can also mention the showreel “business card” where you present your most successful works or products.



Produktové video

Do you want to promote your products, collections, special offers or discounts? The ideal option is to make an eye-catching product video. Again, you will introduce the specific product and benefit that you offer. The video may have a built-in link below it or directly in it, which will take the potential customer directly to the selected product page.


Videos for Facebook or apps

Videos for ads on Facebook or for apps can be classified as atypical animations. Facebook videos are considered more as a complex banners, which offer a range of advantages due to their format and processing options. Compared to banners, we can use the full potential of the visual side, plus you can target different types of campaigns, e.g. promo videos that have generally less competition than traditional banner ads. 

Attract attention of an app user is generally more difficult than in other formats, these ads use the power of repetition. The user usually sees your ad several times a day, without the possibility of skipping it. If it is sufficiently attractive and well made, it has a great potential to attract attention. Definitely worth mentioning bumper videos, short non-skippable videos that you can place for example on Youtube. Their advantage lies in quick and cheap reminders, so they are widely used in video remarketing.


Live action videos

A completely different type of videos are Live action videos. These videos have a number of advantages and disadvantages over classic animated ads. In compare to 2D and 3D animations, they can be costly for actors and locations where they are filmed, but they are, for some purposes, much more convincing. According to JotForm research, Live action videos have up to 20% higher click-through rate. They are great for introducing specific places, attractions or other recreational services, and along with a creative scenario they can also be used as promo videos for their authentic and even instructional tone.


In a time when companies are fighting a fierce battle for customers, it is not advisable to underestimate any effective weapon and animated video is undoubtedly one such weapon. If you don’t get to it first, your competitors will surely do so and ultimately you will have no choice but to catch up on what you missed out. Time is getting faster, people are less patient and this requires faster ways of communicating information. Animation may not always be the right solution, it certainly has its drawbacks. But there are several irreplaceable advantages – if your goal is to introduce something, explain or just put an interesting idea into someone’s head, such as awareness of your brand, do not hesitate to let professionals create an eye-catching and original video. It pays off.

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