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Top 3 benefits of
product – promo video

Helps to sell

A video will keep users on your website up to 60% longer. 74% of respondents said that their purchase decision was closely linked to a video that they have seen on social media or web.

Will make enough to cover its cost

Effectively created video will help you to increase your profits from your online sales. The invested money will return relatively quickly thanks to a larger conversion rate.

Works everywhere

You can simply upload the video to any common marketing media and platform. Social media like
Facebook, Instagram or YouTube
are cut out for it.

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product – promo videos

We also create this type of videos for clients in a form of short posts for Facebook and Instagram, or as a Bumper video for YouTube. We will help you find a style that will fit to your brand and will also be attractive to your target audience.

Price and production time

Our mission is to create something that will help you. That’s why we set a price for each
project individually

How it works?
Make a free consultation with us. We will find out your exact needs, prepare an offer/s and
you will choose what suits you the best. Then we start the production. Simple as Soviet satellites.

How long does it take?
We need about two to three weeks from creating the initial brief until the resulting video or
banners. However, if you are under a tight deadline, we can exceptionally work with the
speed of light.

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