Lottie animation

Make your website or app more interactive with an SVG animation See project examples

Top 3 benefits of Lottie animation

It's multi-platform

Lottie animation can be used on a web, a cellphone or in apps. Simple implementation is also another benefit that many developers appreciate.

Small data size

Lottie takes up very little disk space and therefore loads almost immediately.

It's fully responsive

Strong weapon of Lottie animation is that, thanks to a vector graphics, it looks great in any resolution – on desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Examples of our Lottie animations

Lottie is an effective and flexible tool that helps us smoothly and painlessly implement animations for web or applications. It allows to export SVG animation directly from After Effects, which saves us a lot of time that we would otherwise spend writing a countless amount of code. Thanks to that, we are able to create more complex animations with a very small data size.

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