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Top 3 benefits of an animated video

Story is an eye-catcher

People don't like to get lectured. They like stories. High quality animated video with a good story and a pinch of emotions will easily catch the audience's attention and help them create an emotional connection with your brand.

It's a great teacher

Our brains are less stressed when they learn from videos. They don't need to make as much effort as if they were processing text. That's why videos are a great tool for various training, lectures etc.

It strengthens the brand

Videos help to raise your brand awareness and increase its credibility in the eyes of the public. High quality video production is also a sign of progressive company growth.

See our 2D animated videos

Simple flat, modern outline or hand-drawn theme; we take into account what kind of style is attractive to your target audience when creating a video. This type of video can be used as an Explainer video, training video, video ad, video ad on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Price and production time

Our mission is to create something that will help you. That’s why we set a price for each
project individually

How it works?
Make a free consultation with us. We will find out your exact needs, prepare an offer/s and
you will choose what suits you the best. Then we start the production. Simple as Soviet satellites.

How long does it take?
We need about two to three weeks from creating the initial brief until the resulting video or
banners. However, if you are under a tight deadline, we can exceptionally work with the
speed of light.

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