Introduce your business with a video

Video will make advantages and mission of your business more clear. These are the types of videos we specialize in. From creating graphics, sounds, music and dubbing to the ultimate animated video.

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Product – promo video

Our main domain is the ability to catch a visitor’s attention with a functional ad. After completing more than 800 animated banners, we have enough experience and know-how to know how to introduce a product in the right form.

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Animated video

Animated video is flourishing today and has increasingly been used by companies. By using various animation styles, concise storyboard and sound effects, we are able to introduce your project within 1 minute.

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Video ad on Facebook

If the tailor makes the man then the visual makes the brand. Invest in a quality video content on social media and associate your brand with associations: premium, modern, humane.

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Lottie animations

Lottie are the future of animations and interactive design. They will set your web or mobile app in motion and make it more interactive without unnecessary programming. Furthermore, Lottie support all platforms, including Android and iOS.

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Live Action video

One thing is to deliver information, another is to encourage an interaction. But what if you need both? We create videos that can tell the story and provide a direct path to an interaction at the same time.

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Every view counts

In order to use the videos on broad spectrum of platforms, we are able to optimize their dimension or file size. We create videos for vertically or horizontally oriented screens. Thanks to that you will be able to reach out to your target audience across all platforms.


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